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Juvenile Justice Reforms in Kansas Show Early Signs of Success

The reforms, passed with strong bipartisan support as Senate Bill 367, restrict the placement of certain juveniles in correctional facilities, focus the system’s most intensive responses on the highest-risk juveniles, and shift significant resources toward evidence-based alternatives that allow youth to be supervised safely while remaining at home. As a result, Kansas was projected to cut juvenile residential placements approximately 60 percent by 2022 and yield $72 million for reinvestment in alternatives to incarceration over five years.

City Program Guides Those Released from Prison

Bloodworth, who has been running the program for almost a year, oversees a $1 million budget that was part of a $2.3 million grant awarded to Connecticut by the U.S. Justice Department in October 2015. The New Haven grant is being used to focus on prisoners up to 12 months before their release to ensure they have jobs when they are released.

Supervisors Step up on Mental Illness in Jails

Monday’s decision makes La Paz County the 15th Arizona County to commit to the Stepping Up Initiative, which, in turn, makes Arizona the first state in the United States to have all its counties on board, stated Steven Harvey, a board member of David’s Hope, an mental health advocacy organization that leads the Arizona Mental Health Criminal Justice Coalition.

Michigan Seeing Less Recidivism in Recent Study

Michigan is one of seven states nationwide to deliver significant results in efforts to reduce recidivism and violent crime, according to a new report by the Council of State Governments Justice Center.