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Carson City Looks to Help Incarcerated Women

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong said law enforcement officials are trying to understand how women’s experiences are typically different from men’s experiences, and that changes how they interact in a jail.

Services Help with Successful Reentry to the Community

According to the Prince William County Office of Criminal Justice Services’ 2017 Annual Report, the average pretrial daily case load increased from 352 in 2015 to 507 in 2017, saving the jail 56,894 jail bed days. And the successful compliance rates increased from 84 percent in 2015 to 89 percent in 2017.

State to Take a Closer Look at Prison Health Care

The state study comes after The Pew Charitable Trusts issued a comprehensive, state-by-state look at prison health care costs last year. Among the 49 states that participated in the study, Vermont came in with the second-highest per-inmate health care cost in fiscal year 2015 at $13,747.

In Rural America, Violent Crime Reaches Highest Level in a Decade

“Rural areas, which traditionally have had lower crime rates, have seen dramatic increases in incarceration rates,” says Jacob Kang-Brown, a senior research associate with the Vera Institute of Justice. “We see them now having the highest incarceration rates in the country.”

Cannabis candidate survey under way

Last week, the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii sent a one-question email survey to over 300 candidates for elective office in Hawaii to determine their position on whether the Aloha State should legalize cannabis for adult use.