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Nebraska Lawmaker: Give Inmates Photo IDs Before Release

Giving inmates driver’s licenses or other state-issued photo ID cards before they’re released from prison will help them reintegrate into society, a Nebraska lawmaker told a legislative committee Thursday.

Face-to-Face Family Visits Return to Some Jails

“Nothing can replace sitting with a parent and hugging a parent,” said Ann Adalist-Estrin, director of the National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated at Rutgers University.

Debunking Common Myths About the State’s Prisons

With the subject of Alabama’s prison population problem in the news regularly it is important to correct many myths that have arisen about our prison population. Many of these myths are so common that they are generally accepted by many as established facts. We can’t adequately address the problem of prison overcrowding without understanding the true facts.

NC’s Juvenile Crime Chief Touts Merits of Raising the Juvenile Age

Lassiter noted that North Carolina and New York are the only states that have not raised the juvenile age since 1919, when the first juvenile codes required that 16-year-olds be tried as adults. Since then, he said, laws about buying cigarettes and alcohol and even getting married have all changed to prevent young people from taking part in adult activities.

Perspective: Mental Illness Crisis in Jails Demands New Approach

Center for Health Journalism Fellowships Blog By Fred Osher Dorothea Dix was a trailblazer who railed against the inhumane treatment of people with mental illnesses. Shocked by the sight of people with illnesses shackled in jails, she advocated for compassion, […]

Norquist Joins Discussion on Criminal Justice Reform

A nationally known anti-tax leader said North Dakota is on the right path with legislative efforts to reform the state’s criminal justice system in order to provide long-term savings to taxpayers while reducing the number of incarcerated individuals.