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Prison Bills Put N.D. On the Right Path

The Tribune Editorial Board has for a long time supported steps that result in fewer people being jailed and them becoming productive citizens. Senate Bill 2015 is a move in that direction.

County to Receive Federal Assistance

Lincoln County’s effort to reduce the number of people with mental illness in the criminal justice system has received a major boost, according to county officials.

Why Every Indiana Inmate Could Soon Have a Tablet

A plan to put a tablet in every Indiana inmate’s hands could help offenders stay connected with their families and improve their education, which are important ways to keep them from returning to prison. But the plan is also raising questions about fairness.

Andrew Speno: State Has Two Choices on Crime — Change or Bankruptcy

Oklahoma stands on the brink of a monumental success with the potential to define our state for decades to come. A task force of lawmakers and stakeholders put out recommendations to decrease our bloated prison population, save billions in taxes, and increase public safety. But one step in the wrong direction will crush that success into a dismal failure that will leave our children holding the bag.