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Iowa Tackles Recidivism

Iowa is one of five states — Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Vermont — that received a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Justice in order to lead a statewide recidivism reduction effort. Beth Skinner, the recidivism reduction coordinator with the Iowa Department of Corrections, said this sort of effort is rarely coordinated at a statewide level.

How This County Program Keeps Mental Health Patients Out of Jail and In Treatment

Having police respond to mental health crises ends up clogging up the courts and take up bed space in jails. But, until recently, the Austin Police Department hasn’t had an option. Austin’s Mobile Crisis Outreach Team’s expansion is designed to slow the number of mentally ill people idling in jails and emergency rooms and redirect them to medication and counseling.

Should Schools Screen Kids for Mental Health Problems?

By screening for depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health issues, could schools head off future campus violence? We asked six experts whether routine mental health screenings in schools are a good idea.

How Seattle Bridged the Community-Police Divide

Having a voice in police policy-making has been a major demand of community groups since the 1960s. But various reforms have provided only a very limited voice at best, or have been largely window dressing. Recent events in Seattle, however, represent an important step toward establishing a genuine community voice in police policymaking—and may offer a model for cities elsewhere.

After Ferguson, States Struggle To Crack Down On Court Debt

For years, state and local governments have attached additional fees and costs to everything from speeding tickets to parole supervision. According to a growing body of research, they can trap poor people in debt, and corrupt law enforcement and the courts.

Hillsborough: Disciplinary Changes Begin as School Starts

As students in Hillsborough County head back to school, there are lots of new changes happening this year. These changes have to do with the student handbook, and how your child is disciplined if he or she gets in trouble.

Illinois Governor Signs Sweeping School Discipline Reform

llinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) on Monday signed into law a sweeping reform of the state’s school discipline policies, putting Illinois at the forefront of the nationwide push to make school discipline less exclusionary and more effective.