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Prison Reform: Cautious Optimism From Lawmakers

Gov. Robert Bentley and legislative leaders said last week that efforts to address the massive overcrowding in state prisons will be at the top of their agenda when the regular session begins in March.

Inslee Has New Plan to Reduce Property Crime

Gov. Jay Inslee has unveiled his plan to reduce the state’s sky-high property crime rate (a problem present in Spokane) that’s based on the idea that repeat offenders should receive supervision and treatment.

Sentencing Reform — A Hot Topic at State House

We Are Iowa By Samantha-Jo Roth Iowa ranks third for highest population of African Americans behind bars, and now there’s questions about Iowa’s justice system. Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, Mark Cady, spoke out on the issue on […]

Texas Experts Say Prison Reform Best Way to Control Costs

A pair of experts on prison reform from Texas made the case Thursday for efforts underway to make sweeping changes in Utah’s criminal justice system at the same time a new site is being sought for the Utah State Prison.