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Senate Passes Portman Resolution to Designate April 2017 as ‘Second Chance Month’

Recently, the United States Senate passed U.S. Senator Rob Portman’s (R-OH) resolution to designate April 2017 as “Second Chance Month” and honor those who work to remove unnecessary barriers that prevent those with a criminal record from becoming productive members of society. Portman, who is the author of the Second Chance Act, introduced the resolution in March.

Legislation a Key Step in Prison Change

The Tribune has advocated for some time for changes to reduce the number of inmates serving time in North Dakota. The Legislature has passed legislation this session that should help reach that goal.

North Dakota Hails Laws Aimed at Slowing Prison Growth

Gov. Doug Burgum, lawmakers, corrections officials and others on Friday hailed new legislation aimed at slowing prison growth by helping nonviolent offenders through treatment and sentencing alternatives, instead of warehousing them behind bars.

Criminal Justice Reinvestment Bill Is Signed into Law

House Bill 1041, signed by Gov. Doug Burgum on Friday, reduces the drug possession charge level from a Class C felony to a Class A misdemeanor for first-time offenders and establishes probation as the presumptive sentence for low-level, nonviolent felonies. It also authorizes a pretrial services pilot project to free up limited and costly jail space and authorizes the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCR) to award good time on credit for jail time which was previously prohibited.

Work Over Prison: Illinois Should Expand Record Sealing

More than 90 percent of employers in the U.S. conduct criminal background checks for some applicants, and more than 70 percent of employers conduct criminal background checks for all job applicants, according to a 2012 study from the National Consumer Law Center.