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Transforming Nebraska’s Criminal Justice System

Prisons play a key role in Nebraska’s criminal justice system by protecting public safety and preparing inmates for return to our society. Under the leadership of Director Scott Frakes over the past two years, the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) has been making great strides and working to better achieve their mission. From expanding facility capacity to automating sentence calculation processes and expanding programming, the agency has been adopting data-driven practices to modernize its operations and facilities.

Corrections Secretary John Wetzel: ‘It’s Frustrating, Sitting at the Back of the System’

John Wetzel is in a unique position.

As Pennsylvania’s corrections secretary, he’s developed a long-lens view of state politics. He has no power to enact laws or invest in social services but at any given time his department oversees more than 50,000 incarcerated people whose lives are directly affected by those laws and those investments (or lack thereof).

Opinion: Congress Can Help Strengthen Families and Communities by Acting on Criminal Justice Reform

True justice demands that after a penalty is paid, there can be redemption. Redemption is an American ideal. We need former prisoners to integrate back into society, restore stability to their families, and contribute to their communities. Government and our nation’s communities have an interest in facilitating this reintegration into society in order to pave the way for individuals to become successful, contributing community members.

Prisoners Start New Lives Fighting Fires in Arizona

“What’s noticeable about this program is that it takes the work experience that people gained while incarcerated and links that to access to real-world job opportunities in the community,” Stefan LoBuglio of the Council of State Governments Justice Center said.

Criminal Justice Reforms Mark ‘a Turning Point’ for Rhode Island

State lawmakers, public defenders, corrections officials, community activists and police came together with Governor Gina Raimondo on Thursday to hail a series of new laws as the most historic changes to the criminal justice system in Rhode Island to arise in decades.

Mental Health: How Alabama Is Responding

“I’d like to see Alabama as a ‘Stepping Up’ state,” Lynn Beshear, Alabama’s mental health commissioner, said. “I’ve been in touch with Ohio on how they did that.” Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services director Tracy Plouck serves on the board of directors for the Council of State Governments Justice Center, and was an early champion of the nationwide initiative.