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Facing Rising Corrections Costs, States Are Course Correcting

To create a better understanding of recent crime and criminal justice population trends both nationally and at the state level, the CSG Justice Center hosted the 50-State Summit on Public Safety in November 2017 in partnership with the Association of State Correctional Administrators, or ASCA. The summit came at a time when public safety officials and crime data are telling a complex story

Debunking Common Myths About the State’s Prisons

With the subject of Alabama’s prison population problem in the news regularly it is important to correct many myths that have arisen about our prison population. Many of these myths are so common that they are generally accepted by many as established facts. We can’t adequately address the problem of prison overcrowding without understanding the true facts.

How Has Prison Reform Impacted Alabama?

The criminal justice system has historically relied on human judgment for sentencing, but Alabama’s recent criminal justice reforms are attempting to equate human error to a quantifiable number.

What to do About Prison Overcrowding Topic at Dale GOP Meet

The fact that Alabama’s prisons are overcrowded was not debated. Nor was the fact that a solution needs to be found at a state level before the federal courts intervene.

What was debated at the Dale County Republican Committee meeting June 20 was how the state should deal with the fact that the state prison population is at about 186 percent of what the facilities were originally designed for.

Alabama Prison Reform Leads to New Hires for Anniston Probation Office

A portion of sweeping prison reform in Alabama has been centered on adding 100 new parole officers throughout the state as a means of lessening officers’ caseload and giving more attention to those under their watch. Since the recommendation of bringing on the new parole officers, 49 officers have been hired statewide as of June.

How Overcrowding Has Forced Alabama to Confront Its Prison Problem

Alabama is reforming its criminal justice system because a complex web of interconnected problems left it near implosion—a mess of spent money, wasted lives and broken families. As Alabama becomes the latest conservative state of the Deep South to reform its criminal justice system, the challenge, state leaders and outside experts say, may be the greatest yet.

Bill Takes Stab at Prison Reform

MONTGOMERY — Looking to solve the crowding problem in Alabama’s prison system, state Sen. Cam Ward has a 112-page draft of a bill on his desk that he says would significantly reduce the number of inmates.

Prison Reform Report: New Policies Could Help Crowding

If Alabama wants to get its prison crisis under control, it should begin moving nonviolent offenders into alternative sentencing programs; divert the least serious felony offenders into those programs; ensure supervision is a mandatory component of sentences and make new investments in staffing at the Board of Pardons and Parole.

Prison Reform Group Looks for Solutions

A prison reform group on Thursday suggested creating a new felony class for the least serious property and drug crimes as one of the solutions for Alabama’s chronically overcrowded prisons

Prison Reform: Cautious Optimism From Lawmakers

Gov. Robert Bentley and legislative leaders said last week that efforts to address the massive overcrowding in state prisons will be at the top of their agenda when the regular session begins in March.

OUR VIEW: Pursuing Prison Reform

Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, for once appear unified on something — fixing Alabama’s prison system before it implodes under its own weight.

Alabama Prison Task Force to Weigh Options

Senator Cam Ward (R-Alabaster), the lawmaker who heads the Alabama Prison Reform Task Force, said he wants members to look at a “buffet” of proposals in January and hopefully have a bill ready in February.

Taking Care Of Business Episode 4: Justice Reform in Alabama 2

Billy Canary, president and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama, follows up with Andrew Barbee from the Council of State Governments Justice Center and State Senator Cam Ward of Alabaster about Justice reform in Alabama and specifically “Project Justice Reinvestment”.

Lack of Community Supervision Leads to High Recidivism

Community supervision for offenders is one of three areas the Council of State Governments Justice Center is looking at with a panel of criminal justice stakeholders in Alabama, the Prison Reform Task Force

Sentenced Reform Has Slowed, Not Stopped, Inmate Growth

A 24-member panel — the Prison Reform Task Force — is working with the Council of State Governments Justice Center to analyze the system and find ways to reduce overcrowding, reduce recidivism and improve public safety.

All Easy Prison options Are Gone

If anything is clear from the research presented at the meeting of the Alabama Prison Reform Task Force last week, it is that there is no easy or inexpensive way of dealing with the state’s crushing prison overcrowding problem.

Alabama Arrests Down but Prison Crowding Remains

A group studying overcrowding in Alabama’s prisons has found that arrests are declining and sentences are getting shorter. But Alabama’s prisons remain at nearly double their designed capacity.

Research Will Shed Light on Alabama’s Prison Problem

Alabama was one of a handful of states chosen earlier this year by the nonprofit Council of State Governments Justice Center for a program that will provide a comprehensive study of the justice system and recommendations for reform.

Ward: State Must “Tackle Drug Epidemic” to Fight Prison Overcrowding

The Council of State Governments Justice Center gathered state and local leaders from across the nation―including respected legislators, court and law enforcement officials and cabinet secretaries―to discuss complex criminal justice policies at its annual Board of Directors meeting during the week of Sept. 17 in Memphis, Tenn.

Justice Reform in Alabama

A discussion with Sen. Cam Ward and Andrew Barbee from the Council of State Governments Justice Center about justice reform in Alabama.

Our View: Confront Prison Concerns

A lot of statistics crop up in discussions of Alabama’s prison system, such as the oft-cited reality that the system has almost twice as many inmates as its facilities were built to hold.

Alabama Launches Justice Reinvestment Initiative

Governor Robert Bentley on Tuesday announced the launch of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI), a comprehensive study of the state’s criminal justice system that will identify ways to implement more cost effective criminal justice policies.