Deputy AG Highlights Justice Reinvestment and the Interagency Reentry Council

The U.S. Department of Justice

On December 9, U.S. Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole addressed the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s first drug policy reform conference. During the address, he highlighted the role the Justice Reinvestment Initiative has had in helping states across the country adopt data-driven, consensus-based policies designed to reduce recidivism and corrections spending. Near the conclusion of the speech, Deputy Attorney General Cole also discussed the important work undertaken by the Federal Interagency Reentry Council. Created by the Attorney General in 2012 and comprised of 20 federal departments and agencies, the reentry council is working to reduce barriers to housing, employment, education, healthcare, and treatment for those reentering society after incarceration. To read the full text of the Deputy Attorney General’s address, click here.