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Opinion: Michigan Must Get Smarter about Prison Sentencing

As the cost of crime and punishment continues to rise, it’s time for Michigan to take a hard look at the rate of return on Department of Corrections spending and decide whether it’s wise to keep those dollars locked up behind bars.

Crime Reform Bills Deserve Full Debate

Michigan lawmakers are reviewing intriguing legislation focused on revamping local parole and probation systems so that those who commit minor crimes can be rehabilitated before they are convicted of an offense that sends them to prison.

Is There a Different Way to Keep Michiganders Safe?

The Michigan Department of Corrections soaks up the largest chunk of the state’s general fund budget, spending about $2 billion of the state’s $10-billion general fund to house and supervise nearly 50,000 inmates.

Gingrich: Overhaul Michigan’s Criminal Justice System

Incarceration has become the norm despite clear evidence that many nonviolent offenders can be held accountable and supervised more effectively through alternatives such as drug courts and job reporting centers.

In Michigan, Justice is Out of Whack

As an unabashed conservative and a person of faith, I find my answers to questions of crime and punishment to be less than dogmatic.

Getting Tough, and Smart, on Crime in Michigan

With Michigan’s correctional system consuming more and more taxpayer dollars every day, the time is right for a key fiscal question: “How can we get the most from our investment in public safety?”

Barbara Levine: Evidence Suggests Michigan Must Make Sentence Reforms

Picture this: Jim pleads guilty to robbery in County A and is sentenced to nine to 20 years in prison. The parole board releases him when he has served nine. Bob, who has a similar prior record, pleads guilty to a similar robbery in County B. His sentence is 15-35 years.

Judge Bill Carmody: Fine Tuning Our System Makes Sense

In 1998, Michigan designed and adopted the Michigan Sentencing Guideline system to assist the legal field of judges, lawyers, prosecutors, parole and probation agents and the public at large in providing a mechanism to address sentencing consistency and proportionality of convicted felons.

Editorial: Review of criminal sentence is wise

Michigan has started a much-needed review of its criminal sentencing guidelines — one that will hopefully chart a path for more efficient use of the state’s limited resources.