The National Summit on Justice Reinvestment and Public Safety: Addressing Recidivism, Crime, and Corrections Spending

In April 2009, Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) called on the Council of State Governments and the Pew Center on the States to convene state and federal leaders for a summit on the latest knowledge about reducing recidivism and applying the justice reinvestment approach to manage the growth in corrections populations nationwide.

In January 2010, the Council of State Governments Justice Center, in partnership with the Pew Center on the States, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the Public Welfare Foundation hosted the first national summit on justice reinvestment. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Congressmen Alan Mollohan (D-WV), Frank Wolf (R-VA), and Adam Schiff (D-WA) delivered remarks at the summit. The summit was attended by a broad cross-section of leaders in government and criminal justice who expressed interest in learning about data-driven, fiscally responsible policies and practices that can increase public safety and reduce recidivism and spending on corrections.

Summit Videos

Panel 1: Focus on Individuals Risk to Public Safety

Panel 2: Base Programs and Practices on Science and Ensure Quality


Panel 3: Implement Effective Policies and Practices

Panel 4: Apply Place-Based Strategies

Order the Report: Single copies can be ordered here from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

Comments About The Report

Just as helpful as pointing out commonly made mistakes are the cutting-edge practices identified in the report. … The report, in other words, should be required reading.

The Washington Post

It highlights four common ways states have successfully revamped their systems, including identifying high-risk offenders, strengthening community supervision and concentrating services in the places where most ex-offenders live.

The Wall Street Journal

We need to see more states tailor the kind of smart strategies that the jurisdictions profiled in this report have implemented.

Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA)


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