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Recovery Point of Charleston Plans for Nov. 3 Opening

The walls inside the former Mountaineer Gas building on Stockton Street have been painted in pastel pink and purple, bright blue and green. Beginning early next month, the 13,000-square-foot structure will serve as a 92-bed long-term treatment facility for women suffering substance abuse problems in the community.

Improved Expungement Laws, More Funding Needed Moving Forward

Over the past few years, West Virginia officials have created a number of initiatives to combat the opioid epidemic and to provide addiction treatment options, such as the Justice Reinvestment Act and Help-4-WV. But according to state leaders many additional measures must be taken, such as improved expungement laws for nonviolent felons, acceptance of medication-assisted treatment programs and increased funding for treatment centers.

West Virginia Pushes Spending in Corrections Rather Than Prisons

The U.S. Department of Education released a report last week that shows all states have accelerated their spending on prisons more than they have on public education. And West Virginia is one state that has come close to leading the nation in its push to pour more money into corrections.

Legislators Updated on Justice Reinvestment in West Virginia

With the prison populations rising and an estimated $200 million slated for construction and $83 million for operations projected for 2014-2018 to account for the increase, the state partnered with the Council of State Governments Justice Center to research options to reduce that spending and increase public safety.

W.Va. Inmate Decrease Pleases Corrections Chief

West Virginia Corrections Commissioner Jim Rubenstein told legislators Monday he’s pleasantly surprised by the decrease in the state inmate population in the first year of the state’s Justice Reinvestment Act.

Gov. Tomblin: Reform Cuts Crime Costs

During the last 15 years, new data has identified cost-effective and efficient ways to increase public safety without building more prisons.


Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin is justifiably proud of the quick success of his Justice Reinvestment Initiative, which in just two years has eased prison overcrowding in West Virginia by reducing the number of inmates in the state’s penal facilities.

Tomblin: Justice Reinvestment Act Working

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin told a Capitol Hill gathering that West Virginia’s Justice Reinvestment Act has reduced the inmate population in prisons and regional jails by 5 percent during the past year.

Tomblin Announces Grants to Fund Drug Treatment Facilities

West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin announced a significant step toward reducing prison overcrowding and drug abuse Thursday morning with the awarding of $1,266,811 in grants for community-based substance abuse treatment and recovery services as part of his Justice Reinvestment initiative.

Pilot To Help Boost Rehab Programs

West Virginia is preparing to launch a program that will offer community-based substance abuse treatment to people on probation, parole and supervised release.

The Recidivism Rate Tracks Prison Reform

SIX months into the Judicial Reinvestment Act — last year’s prison reform — Supreme Court Administrator Steve Canterbury gave the state Senate Finance Committee some good news.

Inmate crowding among new W. Va law areas

West Virginia is repealing, updating or expanding dozens of state laws this month, and the wide array of topics include prison conditions, tanning salons and Supreme Court elections.