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As Opioid Overdoses Rise, Police Officers Become Counselors, Doctors and Social Workers

Departments accustomed to arresting drug abusers are spearheading programs to get them into treatment, convinced that their old strategies weren’t working. They’re administering medication that reverses overdoses, allowing users to turn in drugs in exchange for treatment, and partnering with hospitals to intervene before abuse turns fatal.

All Chicago Police Dispatchers Now Trained in Mental Health Awareness

Training for the frontline civilian employees included how to best communicate with callers who may be having a mental health crisis, techniques to calm a situation before officers arrive and how to recognize situations that may need a response from officers specially trained in crisis intervention.

Sacramento Council Approves Mental Illness Training for Police

Sacramento City Council members on Thursday unanimously approved giving all Sacramento police officers a week of training to better deal with people with mental illness. Crisis Intervention Team training is widely used across the United States, and teaches officers to recognize and de-escalate situations with noncompliant or difficult people.

Training Teaches Police How to Deal with the Mentally Ill

In November, the Anderson Police Department in Indiana hosted Crisis Intervention Team training and opened it up to other law enforcement agencies. A total of 27 officers from six Indiana law enforcement agencies took part in the 40-hour exercise.

The Therapist is a Cop

The unusual exchange grows out of a new partnership between the Albuquerque Police Department and the University of New Mexico School of Medicine’s Project ECHO — a 13-year-old initiative that began as an effort to help inform primary care doctors in far-flung areas of the state in the treatment of hepatitis C, but has now expanded to become a knowledge-sharing network across a variety of diseases and specialties.