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Mental Health Reform Bill Overwhelmingly Clears House of Representatives

The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act, introduced by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), a licensed child psychologist, would potentially address a nationwide shortage of psychiatric beds and child psychiatrists, in addition to creating the federal position of assistant secretary for mental health and substance use disorders.

Untangling Gun Violence from Mental Illness

Unfortunately, a consistent and dangerous narrative has emerged—an explanation all-too-readily at hand when a mass shooting or other violent tragedy occurs: The perpetrator must have been mentally ill.

Opinion: Push Is on to Reduce Incarceration in Champaign County While Also Providing Meaningful Reentry Options for Adults with Mental Illness

Call it what you will—jail overcrowding, criminal justice reform, a mental health crisis in our jails, mass incarceration or chronic recidivism. All have been the subject of discussions both nationally and locally. The simple fact is there are too many people in our jails and prisons who do not need to be there. As a society, we pay a high cost for poor outcomes.

Enforcement of Mental Health Care Coverage Lacking

It has been eight years since Congress passed a law requiring health insurers to provide Americans suffering from mental illness or substance abuse disorders with coverage for treatment that’s comparable to what they would get if they were physically sick. So far, that promise has largely not been met, many mental health advocates say.

Focus On Traumatic Childhood Helps Victims Heal and Succeed

Wisconsin is part of a growing nationwide movement to adopt trauma-informed care, or using information about children’s troubled pasts, to improve mental health, provide social services and address a wide range of criminal justice problems.

County Leaders Step Up to Reduce Incarceration of Mentally Ill People

“Data” was the word of the day at the Stepping Up Summit, held April 17 to 19 in Washington, D.C. Teams from 50 U.S. counties gathered at the summit, the latest event held by the Stepping Up Initiative, which seeks to reduce the numbers of people with mental illness in America’s county jails. The initiative is sponsored by the Council of State Governments Justice Center, the National Association of Counties, and the American Psychiatric Association Foundation.