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Crisis Intervention Center to Open in Kansas

TOPEKA — The community mental health center here on Thursday will formally open a 26-bed crisis intervention center that’s expected to lead to fewer mentally ill adults being referred to Osawatomie State Hospital or ending up in jail.

Screaming Inmates Make L.A. Rethink Jailing Mentally Ill

Criminal justice systems from Seattle to Miami with aggressive jail-diversion efforts have cut inmate headcounts — and lowered recidivism rates. L.A. County has taken tentative steps to join them. The board of supervisors in July endorsed the concept of broadbased diversion, and last week pledged $756,000 for a pilot program.

Bangor Police Respond, Help with Mental Health Crises

About half of Bangor’s law enforcement staff has been through the Crisis Intervention Training, CIT, to understand how to deal with calls involving mental illnesses. The 40-hour workshop is designed to improve the way officers engage in conversation with a person who is highly emotional.

Mental Illness Program Could Transform L.A. County Justice System

Los Angeles officials announced Wednesday the launch of an alternative sentencing program aimed at diverting mentally ill, low-level offenders from jail into treatment, a project they hope will signal a dramatic shift for the county’s criminal justice system.

Wrestling with a Texas County’s Mental Health System

Texas ranks 49th out of 50 states in how much funding it commits to mental health. But under Evans’ leadership, Bexar County has built a mental health system considered a model for other cities across the country — one that has saved $50 million over the past five years.