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Mental Health: How Alabama Is Responding

“I’d like to see Alabama as a ‘Stepping Up’ state,” Lynn Beshear, Alabama’s mental health commissioner, said. “I’ve been in touch with Ohio on how they did that.” Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services director Tracy Plouck serves on the board of directors for the Council of State Governments Justice Center, and was an early champion of the nationwide initiative.

When a Mental Health Emergency Lands You in Jail

There are no national figures on how many people are held each year in jail just because they have nowhere else to go in a mental health crisis. Reports from the federal agency overseeing hospitals—the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services—offer a glimpse. Since 2011, at least 22 hospitals in 16 states have been cited by CMS for failing to stabilize patients in need of mental health help, instead handing them over to law enforcement to wait for a psychiatric evaluation or a bed.

Yadkin County, NC Commissioners Learn at National Convention

“You just get to have that kind of chit chat really and to learn and to make friends with people from other states, and that’s when the real learning begins because you start talking about what are your problems and how are you solving them,” said Yadkin County Commissioner Kevin Austin.

How to Make Justice Count

Indiana’s McClean County is working with the University of Chicago to develop a database of information on so-called “super utilizers” of mental health services in the county that could be shared with public and private agencies.