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Gun Violence Not a Mental Health Issue, Experts Say, Pointing to ‘Anger,’ Suicides

Mental health advocates say media reports of mass shootings by disturbed individuals galvanize public attention and reinforce the impression that severe mental illness leads to violence. But various epidemiologic studies over the past two decades show that the vast majority of people with severe mental illnesses are never violent toward others.

U.S. Senator Cornyn: Bexar’s Mental Health Innovations a National Model

Soon the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will have an opportunity to highlight legislation I’ve introduced — the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act—that takes some of the lessons learned in Bexar County to the national level. Like the reforms implemented 10 years ago, this legislation is a significant step forward that will help the mentally ill get the treatment they need and equip our nation’s law enforcement officials with tools to keep our communities safe.

Franklin County Looks at Mental Illness in Jail

Franklin County Commissioners have joined a national effort to reduce the number of people with mental illness who are in jail. By joining the Stepping Up Initiative, commissioners hope to be in a position to qualify for potential grants and conferences.

Mental Health Courts Are Popular, but Effectiveness Is Still Unproven

Mental health courts are popular in many communities, and it’s easy to understand why. Rather than sending someone who’s mentally ill to an overcrowded jail that is poorly equipped to manage his condition, mental health courts offer treatment and help with housing and other social services. The community saves on the cost of locking someone up and offenders get support to stay healthy and may have their charges expunged.

Illinois Settles Class-Action Suit on Mentally Ill Inmates

Lawyers representing 11,000 mentally ill inmates in Illinois prisons have reached a settlement with the state in a long-running class-action lawsuit that alleged inadequate treatment amounted to “cruel and unusual punishment,” a deal both sides heralded on Wednesday.

New Programs and Provider Models Help Inmates in Transition

America’s jails and prisons have replaced psychiatric hospitals as warehouses for people with mental illness. Substance abuse disorders also abound, but innovative healthcare models and other advances are helping to confront the crisis in our nation’s correctional facilities.