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Minneapolis Police to Try Buddy System on Mental Health Calls

As police forces across the country re-evaluate their practices regarding encounters with people with mental health problems, Minneapolis authorities are considering an approach that might seem to fly in the face of conventional policing wisdom: Stand down, and leave it to the professionals.

‘Stepping Up Together’ in Clay County

The initiative resolved to take action in several ways such as assembling diverse leadership teams, collecting data to better identify adults with mental illnesses who are entering the jail system, and identifying available mental health programs and services available in the county.

Gun Violence and Mental Health Laws, 50 Years after Texas Tower Sniper

“We know that people with serious mental disorders are at somewhat elevated risk of committing violence,” Dr. Paul Appelbaum says. “Even so, the vast majority of them never commit a violent act. And we know that people with serious mental illnesses are much more likely to end up as victims of violence rather than as perpetrators.”