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Editorial: Jailed Mentally Ill Need Proper Approach to Break Their Cycle

The Lycoming and Clinton Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities Department has two mental health professionals who provide mental health first aid training to community members as well as a type of suicide prevention training called QPR, or Question Persuade Refer.

Administration Pressed to Expand Mental Health Treatment

Organizations representing state officials and people with mental illness say no one wants to go back to warehousing patients. But they also say that federal action is needed to reverse a decades-old law known as the “IMD exclusion,” which bars Medicaid from paying for treatment in mental health facilities with more than 16 beds. IMD stands for “institution for mental diseases.”

Stepping up Initiative Seeks to Keep Mentally Ill out of Jail

Since 2013, Lorain County, Ohio has sponsored nearly 80 officers in Trauma Informed Policing. Over the course of the last 14 years, more than 200 first responders spanning 15 police departments have also received the 40-hour crisis intervention training.

Opinion: Police Need More Mental Health Training

We need to supply adequate tools that police can use when they respond to mental health emergencies, so they can do so in a safe, effective and caring manner that de-escalated tense situations. Additionally, we need to provide the appropriate skills for police to care for themselves.

Commissioners Opt in on ‘Stepping Up’ Initiative

The county’s criminal justice system, mental health services and other organizations have collaborated to initiate programs to help stem this issue already, such as with crisis intervention training.