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Supervisors Step up on Mental Illness in Jails

Monday’s decision makes La Paz County the 15th Arizona County to commit to the Stepping Up Initiative, which, in turn, makes Arizona the first state in the United States to have all its counties on board, stated Steven Harvey, a board member of David’s Hope, an mental health advocacy organization that leads the Arizona Mental Health Criminal Justice Coalition.

Reducing Mental Illness in Jails With Evidence

The Stepping Up initiative is a data-based program that encourages counties to track outcomes on the people with mental illnesses coming in and out of their jail system. The idea is that when there is actual data, counties will be able to determine what programs and changes provide real results.

The Doctor Is In: The Role of Psychiatrists in the Stepping Up Initiative

Dr. Altha Stewart sees the Stepping Up Initiative not only as a way for counties to improve the treatment of the mentally ill, but as a challenge to the psychiatric community to generate solutions. She discussed that and other topics with County News a year after she spoke at the 2016 Stepping Up summit in Washington, D.C.

Supervisors Join in Call for Aid with Prisoners with Mental Illness

Tama County is signing on to the Call of Action to reduce the number of people with mental illnesses in the Tama County jail and commit to sharing lessons learned with other counties in Iowa and across the country to support a national initiative and encourage all county officials, employees, and residents to participate in “Stepping Up.”