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Dream of Indianapolis Homeless Rehabilitation Center Becomes Reality

“I would like to see the Reuben Engagement Center become the template for criminal justice reform throughout the entire Indianapolis and Marion County community. It’s the kind of services that are going to be offered here that every citizen of this community deserves when they find themselves having been arrested for some kind of behavioral problem, but they suffer from mental health problems, addiction or substance abuse,” said Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett at the opening of the Reuben Engagement Center.

Sonoma County Joins Effort to Shift Care of Mentally Ill Away from Jails

“We’ve got to provide really good treatment in our criminal justice system and simultaneously we’ve got to advocate for people with mental illness and make sure that health care providers are giving the care they should be,” said Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane, the incoming board chairwoman.

Stepping Up Initiative Takes on Challenges of Mental Health in Jails

“Ultimately we’re trying to tackle a problem that’s not new,” Richard Cho, director of behavioral health for the CSG Justice Center and project manager for the initiative said. “It’s become commonplace that our jails have become de facto hospitals.”

Keeping Mentally Ill People out of Jails

Yavapai County, Arizona Sheriff Scott Mascher, long an advocate of diversion programs for people with mental health problems, said last month, “Should the jails be the de facto mental health treatment centers? I don’t think we should be.”

McAuliffe Proposes Millions for Mental Health, Opioid Crisis

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Wednesday his proposed amendments to the state’s two-year budget will include funding to pay for more same-day mental health assessments and improve mental health treatment in jails, among other things.

County Joins Initiative to Reduce Mental Illness Population in Jails

Lubbock County, Texas Sheriff Kelly Rowe has said repeatedly that mental health is the biggest issue facing jails, especially in rural counties. This week, county commissioners unanimously approved Rowe’s request to approve a resolution to join the Stepping Up Initiative, a national effort aimed at reducing the number of people with mental illnesses in jails.