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San Luis Obispo County Details Efforts to Address Mental Illness

Sheriff Ian Parkinson addressed the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors, presenting them with a detailed list of recommendations developed by two ad-hoc committees created as part of the county’s participation in the Stepping Up Initiative.

How the Loss of U.S. Psychiatric Hospitals Led to a Mental Health Crisis

The disappearance of long-term-care facilities and psychiatric beds has escalated over the past decade, sparked by a trend toward deinstitutionalization of psychiatric patients in the 1950s and ’60s, says Dominic Sisti, director of the Scattergood Program for Applied Ethics of Behavioral Health Care at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mental Health Court Could Lower Recidivism, Cut Costs

If 3rd Judicial District Judge Mary Rosner has her way, a mental health court will be established in Doña Ana County by 2021. With the help of a $2.8 million grant, a pilot project focusing on assisted outpatient treatment is already underway and could transition into a mental health court.

Opinion: Let’s Make 2018 the Year to Step up for Persons with Disabilities

As presiding judge of Broward’s Misdemeanor Mental Health Court, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, I strongly urge all interested local public officials and community behavioral health professionals, mental health consumers, family members and disability rights advocates to coalesce around the goals of the Stepping Up Initiative.

Mental Health: How Alabama Is Responding

“I’d like to see Alabama as a ‘Stepping Up’ state,” Lynn Beshear, Alabama’s mental health commissioner, said. “I’ve been in touch with Ohio on how they did that.” Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services director Tracy Plouck serves on the board of directors for the Council of State Governments Justice Center, and was an early champion of the nationwide initiative.