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Report Recommends Police Reform Mental Health Policies

Holding up San Antonio as an example, a report by a justice system policy group recommends that law enforcement agencies change their practices regarding mental illness, sex workers and addiction without waiting for legislative action.

Leader Spotlight: Dr. Tony Fabelo

Dr. Tony Fabelo is the Director of the Research Division of The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center and is helping provide the momentum needed to make necessary changes in the justice system for individuals with mental illness. Working from the Austin office of the CSG Justice Center, he provides technical assistance to state and local governments to help make more efficient use of state and local taxpayer dollars.

Indiana Program to Get Offenders Treatment, Not Prison Cell

Indiana’s first statewide program that pays for addiction and mental health treatment for convicted felons sent to community corrections instead of jail or prison is now underway in a push that’s targeting uninsured offenders.

States Look for Help with Bilingual Mental Health

The U.S. is grappling with a severe shortage of mental health professionals. But the situation is particularly dire for some minority communities, where barriers of language and culture can make it hard to seek and get help.

Panel Shares Ways to Deal with Mental Illnesses

Eight panelists shared their experiences, observations and forward thinking on the state of mental health in Madison County Wednesday at a forum titled “Call to Discussion: The Mental Health Crisis and Its Current Impact.”

State Prison Leaders Promise Changes to Mental Health Services

Telling a room full of advocates that the North Carolina prison system is in the process of “re-missioning” itself, David Guice, commissioner of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice, promised changes in the treatment of prisoners with mental health problems.

Shift to Community-Based Mental Healthcare Underway, but Problems Remain

Although John Chianelli’s patients from Milwaukee’s central city neighborhoods, like others around the country, were being treated for acute mental health conditions, unrelated health issues such as diabetes or smoking often weren’t getting enough attention. That’s why earlier this year Chianelli’s organization changed its name to Whole Health Clinical Group and began integrating primary care into its regular practice while treating people recovering from mental illness.

Cornyn Hosts Meeting on Mental Health in Texas Jails

Texas Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) hosted a round table on mental health and community safety with Austin Law Enforcement and local leaders Monday. The meeting at the Travis County Justice Center is the latest effort to reform the way Texas handles people with mental illnesses who commit minor offenses.