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Services Help with Successful Reentry to the Community

According to the Prince William County Office of Criminal Justice Services’ 2017 Annual Report, the average pretrial daily case load increased from 352 in 2015 to 507 in 2017, saving the jail 56,894 jail bed days. And the successful compliance rates increased from 84 percent in 2015 to 89 percent in 2017.

Homegirl Cafe Offers ‘Platos’ by Ex-Gang Members with Hope

Trainees learn all aspects of culinary arts while developing social skills that create tender encounters with visitors. In addition to job training, the former gang members can take advantage of tattoo removal, anger management classes and drug treatment.

Opinion: Businesses Can’t Find People to Hire. So Why Is Unemployment Still so High for This Demographic?

Researchers at Northwestern University’s Pritzker School of Law studied data on approximately 250,000 applicants for sales and customer service jobs in the U.S. and found that ex-offenders who secured jobs were no more likely to be fired than non-offenders in the same positions. We’re also less likely to quit, making turnover amongst people with criminal records lower than typical employees.

A Restaurant Takes On the Opioid Crisis, One Worker at a Time

Last September, Rob and Diane Perez opened DV8 Kitchen, a restaurant that not only hires people in treatment for addiction to opioids or other substances, but also focuses its entire business model on recovery, using the restaurant setting as a tool for rehabilitation.

De Blasio ‘Jails to Jobs’ Program Launches

Jails to Jobs is a component of the mayor’s ten-year plan to shutter the city jails on Rikers Island by reducing the jail population, combating recidivism, and opening or expanding modern borough-based facilities.

Workforce Advocates in Arizona Host First Ever Employer Reentry Forum

“Employers can provide a real second chance to those who’ve paid their debt to society,” said Tim Roemer, Deputy Director of the Arizona Department of Homeland Security and Public Safety Advisor to the governor. “It makes our communities safer, it’s a better deal for our taxpayers and it is the right thing to do.”

Criminal Convictions behind Them, Few Have Had Their Records Sealed

Carlos, with help from the Legal Aid Society’s Conviction Sealing Project, has filed an application in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn to have his conviction sealed under a new state law. He said he hopes the court will grant him the second chance he has dreamed of: “I want to do better for my children and myself.”