CSG Justice Center Releases School Discipline Issue Briefs

The CSG Justice Center recently released five briefs prepared by the National Conference of State Legislatures related to school safety, climate, and discipline-related issues as part of the School Discipline Consensus Project. These briefs summarize state educational statutes passed in 2013, as well as previous legislation on the following topics:

  • “School Climate and Improvement,” which spotlights all 50 states’ legislation regarding general school climate, alternative education for suspended and expelled students, and school improvement plans
  • “School Discipline Data,” which provides summaries on the 18 states that collect or otherwise report on school disciplinary actions
  • “School Safety Plans,” which recaps the legislation of 46 states with respect to their requirements for comprehensive school safety or emergency plans
  • “Officers in Schools,” which highlights those states that authorize sworn police officers in schools, whether municipal or county school resource officers, or school police officers from school districts’ own police agencies
  • “Arming Teachers and K-12 School Staff,” which enumerates those states that have enacted statutes relating to arming teachers and school staff.

To learn more about the School Discipline Consensus Project, click here.