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Wisconsin Assembly Approves Juvenile Prison Overhaul

The state assembly passed a sweeping bipartisan overhaul of Wisconsin’s juvenile justice system, approving a bill that would close the troubled Lincoln Hills youth prison by 2021 and authorize $80 million in borrowing for new state and county youth facilities.

Ensuring the Last Chance for Kids in the Arizona Justice System Isn’t a Dead End

Griller Clark was a teacher for the Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections, which operates its own one-school district at Adobe Mountain. Its teachers are all Arizona-certified and subject to the same requirements as public school teachers outside the fence for core content areas. Some are certified in vocational education, and those are the teachers Griller Clark is working with to improve the odds of success for youths who leave Adobe Mountain.

Tennessee Governor Proposes Juvenile Justice Reform

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is pushing legislation that would make several changes to the state’s juvenile justice policies and spending plans, including limitations on the use of detention and increased resources for rural parts of the state.

Indiana Bill Aims to Cut Unequal School Suspension and Expulsion Rates

The goal is to have school districts—with parental feedback—develop a graduated “positive discipline” system that leads to punitive punishment and lost school time only as a last resort. It would also require schools to factor in the role that formative traumatic stress plays on student behavior.

Is School-Discipline Reform Moving Too Fast?

Susan Enfield, superintendent of Highline Public Schools, responded to criticism by seeking additional feedback from teachers and principals, ensuring that top officials from the district visit schools throughout the year to see firsthand the changes in progress. She plans to introduce tweaks along the way—by adding more opportunities for kids to work on social and emotional skills, for example.