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‘Incarceration Helped Me Find My Voice’

Years after serving time as a youth offender, the photographer Brian L. Frank has devoted himself to documenting young men’s experiences with the criminal justice system. In “Out of Bounds: Coming of Age in Gang Territory,” he takes an intimate look at the effect of targeted policing on minority youth in the Central Valley of California, where the children of agricultural workers and former factory workers have few opportunities.

For Kids with Parents in Prison, Visits Take on Great Importance

When Suzi Jensen went to see her mom in prison at the age of 12 she was only allowed to hug her twice, once at the beginning of the visit and once at the end. “They just had tables and you had to sit across the table from her,” said Jensen, now in her 30s. “At that age, being a 12-year-old girl, there were a lot of things happening, big changes and not being able to sit and cry and talk to her was terrible.”

Trauma Persists for Young Adults Too Old for Raise the Age

Many young people who spent a chunk of their childhood on Rikers are left behind, reliving the trauma of teenage incarceration inside the same walls where they celebrated milestone birthdays, contended with puberty and took high school classes.

Colorado Task Force Rolls out Plan to Improve Juvenile Justice System

Summit County already has strong juvenile diversion programs in place. About 90 percent of eligible youth are sent through the programs after risk assessments which include severity of their crime, whether it was their first offense and other risk factors, such as if they’re still in school or not.

Opinion: The Juvenile Justice System Is Stacked against Poor Families

Though the Supreme Court ruled in 1967 that courts must provide lawyers to juvenile defendants, a stunning report from Juvenile Law Center found that 40 states have policies that require or permit courts to charge juvenile defendants—and in reality, their families—for “free” court-appointed lawyers, including public defenders.