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Task Force Identifies Juvenile Justice Policies That Advance Colorado’s Effort to Enhance Public Safety and Improve Youth Outcomes

“Putting children in confinement should be a last resort, not a first option,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “These policy recommendations are data-driven, practical proposals that will improve our state’s juvenile justice system. I commend the task force and urge lawmakers to consider these measures in the next legislative session.”

N.J. Is Locking up Fewer Juvenile Prisoners

The state Juvenile Justice Commission has seen its share of young inmates committed to its facilities fall 85 percent since 2003, Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said during a graduation ceremony at the New Jersey Training School in Monroe Township.

Opinion: The Reality of Punishing Teenagers

Teens are often moody due to hormonal and physical changes that happen during puberty, and when mental health issues become involved, it can be difficult to discern “normal teenage behavior” from the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other emotional troubles.

Preteens Accused of Crimes Won’t Be Locked up at Cook County Juvenile Center

Children will be rerouted to alternatives through the state’s Comprehensive Community Based Youth Services, a network of providers charged with providing around-the-clock emergency services for at-risk youth. Those alternatives may include mental health care, crisis stabilization plans or placement in a shelter or foster home.

Kids with Cognitive Problems Can Be Locked up for Years without a Trial

As with adults, when a kid is declared incompetent to stand trial, the state can detain him while trying to improve his mental functioning and knowledge of court procedures. But while California law limits the amount of time adults can be confined—often in hospitals—during this process, no such cap exists for children, who are regularly held in juvenile hall instead

New York Alternative Facility Emphasizes Rehabilitation for Raise the Age Candidates

At first glance, Crossroads looks like many other imposing, foreboding jails for juveniles around the country. But a walkthrough is enough to suggest a different possibility—that of a place where young offenders are given a chance to build on the time they’re forced to spend away from the home, while still being able to be what they are: children.

Denver’s District Attorney Is Trying Something New—Divert Young Adults from the Path to Jail

In mid-May, Denver District Attorney Beth McCann launched a pilot program that could change the way the city handles some young adults charged with crimes. The city’s first ever pre-file diversion program is designed to help young people escape the consequences that accompany a criminal record, like the difficulty securing financial opportunities, finding housing, gaining employment and sometimes even the right to vote.