U.S. Education Department Releases Resources for Young People Exiting the Juvenile Justice System

Education Week

By Andrew Ujifusa

In an effort to help young people transition from juvenile-justice back to their original schools or other educational settings, the U.S. Department of Education released various resources last week to help them, educators, and other navigate the process.

The new set of materials includes a guide for those leaving juvenile-justice facilities, a toolkit for administrators and other educators to assist youth in the juvenile-justice system, as well was:

  • a guide to help students with special-education needs transitioning out of juvenile justice;
  • information provided by the department’s office for civil rights citing data that those in juvenile detention receive fewer hours of instruction, less access to math and science courses than other students, and other obstacles to education;
  • resources to help young people who have been confined in juvenile detention who are seeking federal student aid.

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