Governing’s Public Officials of the Year: 2017 Honoree Tom Dart, Sheriff, Cook County, Illinois


By Mattie Quinn

America’s largest mental health hospital is the Cook County jail. With a daily population of some 9,000 inmates, it’s the biggest single-site penal facility in the country, and it’s estimated that as many as one-third of the people housed there have mental health issues. “When you walk around, you can’t help but feel you’re in the wrong place,” says Sheriff Tom Dart. “You feel like you’re in a mental health hospital. If they’re going to make it so that I am going to be the largest mental health provider, we’re going to treat these people as patients.”

Since becoming sheriff in 2007, Dart has worked to transform the jail from a warehouse for prisoners into a facility that provides its occupants with the mental health care and resources they desperately need. Three-fifths of Dart’s correction officers have mental health training; all new incoming staff now must complete 60 hours of advanced training in mental illness treatment. In 2015, he chose a psychiatrist to be warden of the jail, said to be the first such appointment in the nation. Dart has implemented mandatory screening for behavioral and substance abuse disorders when suspects are detained, and he refers them to treatment outside the jail’s confines if they seem to need it. For those sentenced to hard time and ineligible for treatment outside, Dart instituted group therapy. To reduce recidivism, he established a 24-hour telephone hotline for ex-inmates struggling after they are released.

Dart didn’t set out to be the sheriff of the nation’s second-largest county. In fact, he grew up wanting to be a priest. But after beginning his career as a prosecutor and then serving for a decade as a state lawmaker, Dart saw the job of sheriff as one in which he could work on the health and social welfare issues that mattered most to him.

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