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Harris Co. Program Lowers Jail Costs, Population but Cuts out Punishment

The Judge Ed Emmett Mental Health Diversion Center allows people with mental illness who commit non-violent offenses to skip jail. They are offered space in the 28-bed diversion center, counseling, and case workers to prevent the person arrested from cycling in and out of jail.

[Opinion] What I Think about When I Think about Freedom

I imagine the vulnerable strangers who I will meet in church basements. Over the years I have built some powerful relationships with colleagues—writers, editors, producers—but if I don’t prioritize relationships in recovery when I get out, those other relationships won’t matter in the end.

Maltreated Children More Likely to Be Juvenile Offenders

A new study published in the journal BMC Public Health reports that children who were physically or sexually abused, neglected or otherwise treated badly, are at higher risk of showing delinquent behavior or offending the law, as they grow into their teens and later into young adults.

NYC Case a ‘Warning Shot’ in Struggle to End Housing Bias against Ex-Inmates

It took five years of effort in federal court, but my organization, The Fortune Society just won a precedent-setting settlement of a landmark civil rights case that shows how advocacy groups can bring lawsuits against private landlords who impose blanket bans on renting apartments to people with criminal records.

Miami-Dade County Builds Center for Mental Health and Recovery

County officials representing urban counties at the 2019 Large Urban County Caucus Symposium in Miami-Dade County in Florida toured a new facility that will offer a full continuum of care for justice-involved individuals with mental illnesses.

Coalition of Criminal Justice Groups Oppose HUD’s Proposed Change to Disparate Impact Rule

A coalition of criminal justice groups issued a statement today voicing opposition to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) recent proposal to amend its so-called “disparate impact” rule under the Fair Housing Act. The disparate impact rule permitted people to bring legal claims against housing policies and practices that, while not motivated by discriminatory intent, predictably harmed protected groups, including people of color.

Barron: “Quick Dips” and Other Corrections Programs

About 18 month ago, the state launched its participation in the federal Justice Reinvestment Initiative. This was an ambitious two-year effort with the goal of controlling state spending on corrections and reinvesting the money saved into alternative programs.

Moving from Prison to a PhD

Nature spoke to three US researchers who went from prison to PhD programs to senior posts in academia, and who now aim to help others to find their academic footing.

Women in Jail and the Criminalization of Survivors

For too many women who survive abuse and violence, particularly women of color and women living in poverty, the support and the care needed to cope with and heal from pain and trauma is simply not available in prisons or jails.

Commission Finds 100 Ways to Aid Re-Entry of Ex-Prisoners

A legislatively mandated commission on Tuesday recommended that New Jersey take 100 steps to improve re-entry services for those released from prison, from improving health care and addiction treatment to creating more opportunities for training and employment.