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Franklin County Jail Adding 27 Employees to Assess New Inmates

These interviews will help determine which inmates should be housed together and what services they might need. Connecting inmates to those services inside the jail will help them better transition to life outside it, Stobart said.

County Is Ready, but Is It Able, to Deal with Mentally Ill?

“We’ve known for some time that we needed better data on where the gaps are in how we identify, assess, track and treat those folks [i.e., the mentally ill] who wind up in jail as the facility of last resort,” said Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. “This study confirms that we’re on the right path but that there’s more to do.”

Treatment, not Jail, for the Mentally Ill

New York Times Editorial Mayor Michael Bloomberg has started an important new corrections initiative focused on mentally ill offenders, who make up about a third of the city’s jail population and are more likely than other prisoners to resume criminal […]