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Opinion: The Prison ‘Old-Timers’ Who Gave Me Life

“We have so much to offer,” 62-year-old Mark Thompson told me, referring to the many reformed old-timers behind the wall. “It makes more sense helping younger guys understand their anger and addiction out there,” he said, “than dealing with it in here.”

Cumberland County, PA Prison Reentry Program Aims to Help Inmates Return to Community

To date, none of the participants in the reentry program have been rearrested for a new offense and some have even gone on to attend college said Ashley Rohm, coordinator for the Cumberland County Adult Reentry Program. “These are people who came from our community and will be returning to our community,” she said. “Why wouldn’t we want to help them?”

This May Be the Key to Graduating At-Risk Students

Unlike most mentoring programs in the United States, which offer a few months or years of involvement, Friends of the Children offers kids 12 years of continuous mentorship from kindergarten to high school graduation.

Idaho Banks on Therapy-Based Treatment Reducing Recidivism

The Idaho Department of Corrections is overhauling its recidivism reduction programs in prison, probation and parole, including the Retained Jurisdiction Program. For an inmate whose judge retains jurisdiction for 365 days while he or she attends the program, the streamlining will mean fewer program components and a shift from a lot of written coursework—with much of it done outside the classroom—to more work in the classroom, including role-playing and skill practice sessions.

The Need for a Helping Hand

Portland Tribune By Peter Korn Robert Lyday never even made it past the sidewalk in front of the Old Town Greyhound bus station. He’d been released from the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem with a bus ticket to Portland. He […]

Offenders Get Second Chance with Program

By volunteering just a few hours each month, mentors can change the lives of the men and women asking for help in the Second Chance Mentoring Program. The program, created by KISRA (Kanawha Institute for Social Research and Action), offers assistance to nonviolent, non-sexual offenders who are integrating back into the community.

The Sister of Second Chances

In each of the buildings, nearly every woman, whether resident or staff member, is an ex-convict. And for many, it was Sister Tesa who turned their lives around, often after they failed on the first or second try.

Funding Found to Revamp Ventura County Juvenile Offender Program

With a goal of preventing repeat offenses by juveniles, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme was one of only nine organizations in the U.S. chosen to receive the Department of Justice’s Second Chance Act Juvenile Mentoring Grant.

Boys & Girls Clubs Receives $600k+ to Help Juvenile Offenders

The nonprofit received $609,232 from the Department of Justice to create RAMP, a Reentry Aftercare Mentoring Program, which will provide mentoring to incarcerated teens in the group’s Juvenile Justice Facility program so they are prepared to reenter the community and avoid committing further crimes.

Mentoring Program Helps Women Serving Time

The Good Bridges program launched in October 2010, and by December, it started matching women nearing the end of their prison sentences with volunteers to work one-on-one on career awareness and work readiness skills.