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Opinion: The Prison ‘Old-Timers’ Who Gave Me Life

“We have so much to offer,” 62-year-old Mark Thompson told me, referring to the many reformed old-timers behind the wall. “It makes more sense helping younger guys understand their anger and addiction out there,” he said, “than dealing with it in here.”

Cumberland County, PA Prison Reentry Program Aims to Help Inmates Return to Community

To date, none of the participants in the reentry program have been rearrested for a new offense and some have even gone on to attend college said Ashley Rohm, coordinator for the Cumberland County Adult Reentry Program. “These are people who came from our community and will be returning to our community,” she said. “Why wouldn’t we want to help them?”

This May Be the Key to Graduating At-Risk Students

Unlike most mentoring programs in the United States, which offer a few months or years of involvement, Friends of the Children offers kids 12 years of continuous mentorship from kindergarten to high school graduation.