Correcting Corrections, by the Numbers

Arkansas Times

Arkansas’s prison population is among the fastest growing in the country. Last week, after a year of analysis, the Council of State Governments Justice Center presented its recommendations for reforms to a legislative task force. Among the figures:

$512 million: The approximate amount Arkansas spent on state corrections, probation and parole in fiscal year 2015.

68 percent: The increase in spending from 2004 to 2015.

18,965: The number of prisoners under Department of Corrections supervision in 2015.

21 percent: The increase in prison population between 2012 and 2016.

1,800: The number of prison beds that the Justice Center says would be freed up if the state imposed time limits on the re-incarceration of parolees and probationers who commit technical violations (that is, those who did not commit a new crime).

$100 million: The projected savings such a change would produce over a six-year period.