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North Dakota Launches Justice Reinvestment Initiative

State leaders from both political parties and all three branches of government gathered today to launch a comprehensive review of North Dakota’s criminal justice system with the goal of addressing the growing pressures on the state’s criminal justice system and averting costly future expansions of its correctional facilities.

Nebraska Gov. Ricketts Signs Landmark Criminal Justice Reform Bill

LINCOLN, Neb.—Gov. Pete Ricketts on Wednesday signed into law a significant overhaul of the state’s criminal justice system designed to halt prison population growth, support victims of crime, and improve public safety by enhancing the supervision of people released from […]

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Opinion: A Better State Budget for Pennsylvania

The governor’s approach this year is vastly different from his 2015 plan, which called for the largest tax increase in state history and triggered the longest budget impasse in modern memory. It’s also a world away from Mr. Wolf’s retroactive income tax increase proposal last year.

Justice Reinvestment: Moving Forward and Reexamining Bail

There is a growing movement in criminal justice reform to re-examine how bail and pretrial detention is used. The movement tends to move away from the use of cash bail–or having to provide money to be released from prison prior to the disposition of a case–and toward the use of things like risk assessments and pretrial services that provide supervision to people awaiting trial.

Report: Criminal Justice Reform Could Save Montana $70M

The Council of State Governments Justice Center reentry announced their findings at the State Capitol, after a nearly two-year study. Lawmakers from both parties joined representatives from the Justice Center to back their recommendations.

Report Offers $70M in Savings in Corrections Costs

Lawmakers recently released a report that they said would help the state avoid nearly $70 million in estimated corrections costs, increase public safety and avert growth of its incarcerated population by 2023.

Justice Reinvestment: Seeking Ways to Reduce Recidivism

Justice reinvestment in Pennsylvania, if enacted as planned, is projected to save the state more than $100 million over the next five years. Roughly half of that money is recommended to be put back into programs meant to reduce crime and re-offending, and in turn save even more money.