North Dakota’s Prison Population Is down from the past Couple Years


By Renee Cooper

According to the Department of Corrections, U.S. Prison populations have been on a steep rise for years. Renée Cooper tells us why North Dakota is not one of those states.

We have about 1,700 people currently in the North Dakota prison system, and this is actually down from the past couple years.

Experts in criminal justice got together today to discuss continuing that momentum moving forward.

Parole and Probation Director for the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Patrick Bohn says, “I guess we really haven’t set any goals in terms of what that number looks like in terms of reduction, but I think the first thing we had to do was bend the curve. Because for decades it’s been up, up, up, up.”

Sara Friedman is a Policy Analyst for the Council of State Governments Justice Center. She led the discussion, saying prisons can be ‘criminal training grounds.’

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