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Wyoming Legislature Tackles Criminal Justice Reinvestment

The Wyoming Legislature passed a slate of bills aimed at tackling criminal justice reinvestment in Wyoming. Based on recommendations from the Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center, formed after a nearly year-long study, the bills offer science-based solutions to the pressures on the state’s prison system.

Legislators Consider Justice Reinvestment Suggestions

SHERIDAN – More than half of prison admissions in 2017 were from probation and parole revocations, resulting in an estimated cost of $30 million per year for people incarcerated from supervision.

Criminal Justice Reform Solutions Await Lawmaker Action

Outside experts from the Council of State Governments presented lawmakers last week with targeted solutions to stem Wyoming’s ever-deepening prison crisis: Invest in substance abuse and mental health treatment for offenders and retool probation and parole programs.

Study Looks at Ways to Cut Corrections Costs

Wyoming’s prisons are full, and inmate populations are on pace to continue to swell by 9 percent, increasing costs for the state by an estimated tens of millions of dollars by 2023.

Barron: Don’t Let Judges Get Hungry

One of the factoids to come out of a day-long forum on public safety in Cheyenne last week was that Wyoming is unique in having a low prison recidivism rate and unusually long prison sentences.

Justice Group is Helping the State Find Better Ways to Deal with Offenders

As previously reported the state of Wyoming is trying to figure out what to do about issues related to prison overcrowding and public safety. Marc Pelka is the Deputy Director of the Council of State Governments Justice Center who is helping the state find ways to deal with offenders earlier in life and find ways to keep recently released inmates from violating parole or probation.

Wyoming Justice Reform Effort Gets a Re-boot

For the last several years the Wyoming Department of Corrections has urged lawmakers to implement a number of reforms that could reduce a growing prison population. Some of those ideas involved changing sentencing guidelines and getting non-violent offenders back on the street. But a couple of years ago a massive Criminal Justice Reform measure died after the Senate President declined to hear it.

State to Conduct Justice Reinvestment Study

During recent meetings about the effectiveness of probation and parole services throughout the state of Wyoming, legislators discussed the ever-present subject of funding and finances. If probation and parole are not effective ways to keep offenders from jail, what are the alternatives?

Judiciary Committee Focuses on Reducing Number of Re-Offenders

The Council of State Governments (CSG) was hired by the legislature’s Joint Judiciary Committee to help find a solution to prison overcrowding. They presented their results to the committee Tuesday while discussing justice reinvestment. The organization says in the last year alone, over half the people sent to prison are there due to a probation or parole violation. Mark Pelka, the director of CSG’s justice branch, said they are helping the committee identify factors that cause a criminal to continually re-offend.