Law Enforcement’s Role in Victim Compensation Online Resource

iacpSquareThis online resource from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) provides information to help law enforcement understand their role in informing crime victims about available compensation programs. Law enforcement officers are often the first, and possibly the only, professionals to speak to victims following a crime, making them a vital component in providing justice, information, and services to crime victims. IACP has created resources that include training videos for first responders, investigators, and executive leadership; companion guides to accompany each video and guide discussions; tip cards for law enforcement; and more.

Each U.S. state and territory has enacted legislation that provides compensation for unreimbursed costs incurred by victims of violent and, in some cases, property crimes. All federal funds (and most state funds) supplying the compensation fund come from those who have committed crimes—through fines, fees, assessments, or restitution. Law enforcement officers can help victims of crime recover by referring them to the compensation program and responding to requests from the compensation program.