Apply Now: 2019 Criminal Justice Learning Collaboratives

SAMHSA GAINS centerThe Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA’s) GAINS Center is accepting applications for five Criminal Justice Learning Collaborative opportunities, each of which will bring together six local teams for an intensive learning, strategic planning, and implementation process to address local issues and needs within a given topic area. Each collaborative will engage subject-matter experts and facilitate peer-to-peer learning and information sharing among participating teams. The following areas are seeking applications:

  • Data-Driven Equity & Inclusion: Focused on creating and implementing strategies to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in local criminal justice and behavioral health systems. Download the solicitation.
  • Improving Risk-Need-Responsivity Policies and Practice in Adult Drug Courts and Reentry Programs: Focused on advancing policies and practices around the risk-need-responsivity model in adult drug courts and reentry programs. Download the solicitation.
  • Family Treatment Courts: Designed to improve practices within existing family treatment court programs, with an eye toward cross-system relationships and strategies. Download the solicitation.
  • SAMHSA’s Eight Guiding Principles for Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice: Designed to assist community-based behavioral health providers in their clinical and case management practices regarding people who have mental illnesses and substance addictions as well as previous or current involvement in the adult criminal justice system. Download the solicitation.
  • Competency to Stand Trial/Competency Restoration: Designed for state applicants looking to focus on legal, clinical, and systemic issues, including the increased demand for competency evaluations, evidence-based screening and assessment measures, and building collaborations between state and local agencies. Download the solicitation.

The deadline to apply is January 22.