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Salt Lake County Launches Sweeping Study of Jail Population

The Criminal Justice Advisory Council (CJAC) announced plans for a comprehensive analysis of Salt Lake County’s jail population in an effort to identify ways to reduce re-offense rates among people released from jail and design strategies to improve outcomes for the large portion of the jail population struggling with mental and substance abuse disorders.

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Out of Prison, Uncovered

Nationwide, 16 state prison systems have no formal procedure to enroll prisoners in Medicaid as they reenter the community, according to a survey by The Marshall Project. Nine states have only small programs in select facilities or for limited groups of prisoners, like those with disabilities. These 25 states collectively release some 375,000 inmates each year.

Opinion: Where Mental Health, Justice Reform Meet

Recently, the U.S. House of Representatives passed Congressman Fred Upton’s 21st Century Cures Act, which has been rightly hailed as a game-changer for medical innovation and patient empowerment. What is less well known, but equally pioneering, is the bill’s approach to mental health reform.

Helping Ex-Inmates Stay out of the ER Brings Multiple Benefits

In a randomized control trial looking at 200 recently released prisoners in San Francisco, it was found that bringing that population to see doctors significantly reduced emergency room visits and hospitalizations. That lessens the strain on emergency departments, and the cost burden that emergency treatment puts on the health care system.