Dream of Indianapolis Homeless Rehabilitation Center Becomes Reality

Indy Star

By Justin L. Mack

As he stood at the podium Monday morning to thank a long list of contributors who made the opening of the Reuben Engagement Center possible, Bill Moreau thought back to his late friend, Larry Reuben.

He remembered how Reuben came up to him in the spring of 2011 with $750,000 of his mother’s estate and the desire to help those in need. He remembers Reuben asking him simply, “How can I help end homelessness?”

It was decided that the Reuben estate would be pledged to support a long-planned engagement center to rehabilitate those suffering from chronic homelessness, addiction, mental health challenges and other issues. Moreau remembered how Reuben fought to the very end of his life to make sure that the contribution would be put to good use.

Now that the center is open and Reuben has passed, those leading the center will continue to fight for those in need of treatment.

“This (center) is a monument to perseverance … and I am very sorry that Larry is not here today,” said Moreau, chairman of the Reuben Engagement Center board. “Larry, we feel your presence. Now, whether the Reuben Engagement Center realizes its potential will require the perseverance of everybody in this room.”

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