Path to New Jail Procedures Continues


By Brooke Martell

The County Board of Supervisors all motioned to direct staff to research leads on private companies that could provide medical services to inmates, as well as ways to continue improvements within the county’s psychiatric facilities and behavioral health. In addition, the board is looking to bring back┬áThe Stepping Up Initiative, an organization that works to reduce the number of mentally ill patients in jails.

Sheriff’s officials spoke to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors Tuesday about behavior toward inmates and protocol at the San Luis Obispo County Jail, seven months after the death of 36-year old Andrew Holland.

Sheriff Ian Parkinson talked about several improvements the jail has made since Holland’s death, including the discontinued use of a restraint chair. Holland died shortly after he left the restraint chair he’d been sitting in for 46 hours.

“We absolutely have responsibility in the loss of Andrew Holland,” Parkinson said, adding he hopes the Holland family could find forgiveness following the death of their loved one.

Parkinson says he’s looking at the system to keep history from repeating itself by not letting any inmate suffer a death like Andrew did.

“If it takes me leaving my house at three in the morning and coming down and picking that person up, and driving them straight to mental health and saying this will not happen, then I will do that,” Parkinson said.

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