Fostering Criminal Justice/Mental Health Collaboration: Building Lasting Partnerships

Many jurisdictions struggle to identify and engage the stakeholders who are critical to establishing effective criminal justice and mental health systems collaborations, and to sustain a successful collaboration beyond the life of an individual initiative or grant. In this session, speakers will highlight innovative efforts they have used to bring together diverse stakeholders in planning and implementing criminal justice and mental health initiatives.  Panelists will also discuss how to, once collaborations are up and running, maintain long-lasting enthusiasm and interest amongst stakeholders and partners. This session will conclude with a moderated discussion where conference attendees will receive technical assistance and guidance around challenges they may be experiencing with partners in their own jurisdictions.

Linda Rosenberg, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency

Paul Meigio, Project Director, 7th Judicial District of Idaho

Emily Richardson, Coordinator, J-MH Collaborative Grant, Jefferson Center for Mental Health (CO)