Lessons Learned from Law Enforcement/Mental Health Partnerships

This session will be a highly interactive presentation (‘ask the expert format’), consisting of law enforcement and mental health representatives from the BJA-funded CSG Justice Center Law Enforcement/Mental Health Learning Site project. Panelists will discuss pressing issues facing law enforcement agencies in their response to people with mental illnesses and strategies they have employed to overcome them, including how to initiate and develop either local or state level specialized police based responses to persons with mental illnesses. Topics will include forming coalitions, data collection, information sharing, and training, among other topics.

Melissa Reuland, Senior Research Consultant, Council of State Governments Justice Center

Major Brad Barber, Assistant Director, University of Florida Police Department

Kristin Roman, Lieutenant, Madison Police Department (WI)

Dr. Sara Nash, Assistant Coordinator, University of Florida’s Counseling and Wellness Center Crisis & Emergency Response Center

Detective Michael Mastroianni, Milford Police Department (MA)

Heather Whitney, Milford Police Department (MA)