Recovery-Oriented Criminal Justice Programming

Recovery is defined by SAMHSA as “a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.” Practitioners are increasingly working to make collaborative criminal justice and behavioral health programs more recovery-oriented in different and innovative ways. This session will feature a panel of practitioners from both the criminal justice and treatment fields who will share their experiences working to design and operate programs that incorporate recovery principles to improve individuals’ health outcomes, while also ensuring public safety. The panel will explore different approaches programs can take and discuss different treatment and recovery support services that providers and peers can offer across the criminal justice continuum, including those delivered by peer specialists.

Robert Butkiewciz, Program Supervisor, Corrections Recovery Unit, Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (MI)

Jamor James, Forensic Peer Support Specialist, Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (MI)

Dr. Brian Bezier, Clinical Director & Manager, Mental Health & AODA Division, Outagamie County Health & Human Services (WI)

Brandt Swardenski, Assistant State Public Defender, Wisconsin State Public Defender 

Alex Blandford, Policy Analyst, Courts, Council of State Governments Justice Center