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North Dakota Launches Justice Reinvestment Initiative

State leaders from both political parties and all three branches of government gathered today to launch a comprehensive review of North Dakota’s criminal justice system with the goal of addressing the growing pressures on the state’s criminal justice system and averting costly future expansions of its correctional facilities.

50 State Teams Gather to Develop Plans for Improving Youth Outcomes in Each State Juvenile Justice System

On the heels of new data showing massive reductions in the number of youth incarcerated, legislators, judges, juvenile justice administrators and other representatives from all 50 states will meet Monday to tackle the next big challenge: making sure supervision and services provided in the correctional facilities and in the community reduce the likelihood youth will be rearrested and end up in the adult criminal justice system.

Nebraska Gov. Ricketts Signs Landmark Criminal Justice Reform Bill

LINCOLN, Neb.—Gov. Pete Ricketts on Wednesday signed into law a significant overhaul of the state’s criminal justice system designed to halt prison population growth, support victims of crime, and improve public safety by enhancing the supervision of people released from […]

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Rhode Islanders on Probation

There are now nearly 24,000 Rhode Islanders on probation. Rhode Island has a relatively low rate of incarceration, but the second highest rate of individuals on probation in the nation. About 9,000 are actively supervised and the remaining are banked — meaning they remain in the system, unmanaged. The state’s antiquated practice of keeping individuals on probation for an average of six years — three times the national average — is pushing up the prison population as it is projected to add about $28 million to the Department of Corrections budget. In fiscal 2016, 25 percent of all sentenced admissions to the Adult Corrections Institutions were probation violators.

Nevada Task Force Considers Improvements to Juvenile Justice System

Judges, lawmakers, youth advocates and juvenile probation officials from across the state have formed a task force to look at ways to improve the juvenile justice system. After studying trends in juvenile arrests throughout Nevada, experts released recommendations to help prevent teens from breaking the law again.

Report: Nevada Spends $95 Million Supervising Juvenile Offenders

Nevada spends almost $95 million a year supervising juvenile offenders, but there is no way to tell if the money is being used wisely, a national organization says. The Council of State Governments Justice Center said about half of the youths on probation or parole reoffend in one to two years in Clark and Washoe counties.

Task Force Begins Weighing Overhaul of Nevada’s Juvenile Justice System

Governor Brian Sandoval established a task force in July to thoroughly review Nevada’s juvenile system and propose changes, and has indicated that overhauling the state’s approach to criminal justice for youths and adults will be on his agenda for the upcoming legislative session.

U.S. ED Secretary Sends Letter to States Calling for an End to Corporal Punishment in Schools

In the short term, students who receive this form of punishment show an increase in aggressive and defiant behavior–the opposite of the intended outcome. In the long term, students who experience physical punishment in school are more likely to later grapple with substance abuse and mental health issues, including depression, personality disorders and post-traumatic stress.