Face to Face Initiative

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Policymakers are using research and data to analyze trends and design bipartisan criminal justice policy more than ever. This remarkable development over the past 15 years has reduced recidivism, bolstered public safety and saved taxpayer dollars. But those efforts sometimes obscure the individual realities of the people who are closest to the system: the person whose untreated mental illness is worsened by time in prison, the child of an incarcerated parent, the corrections officer battling the stresses of each workday, the father denied job after job because of his criminal record. A handful of Republican and Democratic governors have publicly engaged with people in these situations. In doing so, those governors have gained a deeper appreciation of the challenges people involved with the system face, helped bring these issues closer to the general public, and become more effective champions of data-driven policies.

The Call to Action

The Face to Face initiative challenges all elected officials to participate in a public activity through which they can interact with formerly or currently incarcerated people, corrections officers, victims of crime, and others who have firsthand experience with the criminal justice system.