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Breaking the Cycle: Community Leaders Roleplay a Rough Reentry to Society

Juneau Empire

By Michael S. Lockett

Bus fare. Rent. Food money. “Seth” didn’t have any of it. Plus, he missed his meeting with his probation officer, and it was looking like “Seth,” fresh out of a stint in prison for breaking and entering, was headed right back. “Seth” was entirely fictional — created to show community members just how hard it can be to reenter society after incarceration — but the struggles real reentrants face are not. “People are stealing to succeed,” Talia Eames said, observing some of the 52 community members who participated in reentry simulation event at Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall Tuesday. “They are doing things that they would not normally do.” Eames is the manager of Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska’s reentry and recovery department, and she was one of the architects of the event. It’s the first of its kind in Juneau.

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