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[Opinion] As a Teen, I Got a Second Chance after Being Locked up for a Crime. Others Deserve the Same.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel

Kids do not belong in adult prison. This month, a 17-year-old, Sonny David Rugani, was found hanging in his cell at the Broward County Jail — a jail built for adults. For so many young people, the gravity of what lies ahead after a crime has been committed does not sink in until they receive a direct file to an adult facility — an emotional burden often too much to comprehend for someone underage. We should all be concerned that more and more youth like Sonny believe that dying by suicide is the only way out of their situation. While there are likely many causes of this all-too-common line of thinking, we are seeing more deaths by suicide among youth in need in large part because there is a tremendous lack of mental health resources available.

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