A Place to Call Home: A Vision for Safe, Supportive and Affordable Housing for People with Justice System Involvement

A Place to Call HomeThis joint report from the Prisoner Reentry Institute at John Jay College, The Fortune Society, The Supportive Housing Network of New York, and the Corporation for Supportive Housing explores how improving access to housing for vulnerable populations can spark increases in public safety and save taxpayer dollars, while acting as a base of stability from which jobs, education, and mental and physical health services can build upon. People with past justice system involvement face significant barriers when trying to access housing, including background checks and hefty deposits. Policies imposed by local and federal housing authorities often create barriers for those who seek subsidized or affordable housing, leading people with criminal justice histories to end up on the streets, in shelters, or in unregulated, uninhabitable housing. The report provides a roadmap for addressing the problem in order to help break the cycle of recidivism by creating a home base for family stability and reentry success.