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A Successful Prisoner Reentry Program Expands: Lessons from the Replication of the Center for Employment Opportunities

This report from MDRC presents results from a fidelity assessment and implementation analysis of five Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) replication programs in New York, California, and Oklahoma. Based in New York City, CEO is one of the nation’s largest transitional jobs programs for people who have been incarcerated, offering temporary and paid jobs, employment counseling, and other services. After an evaluation found that CEO was effective at reducing recidivism rates, the CEO program was selected by the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation in 2011 to be part of its Social Innovation Fund and expand and replicate the model. The report describes how the model was replicated in other locations, assesses its implementation in various contexts, and reports on findings from a qualitative study of participants’ perceptions of and experiences in the CEO program.