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Reentry Mythbusters

Reentry MythBusters are fact sheets designed to clarify existing federal policies that affect formerly incarcerated individuals and their families in areas such as public housing, access to benefits, parental rights, employer incentives, Medicaid suspension/termination, and more.

So who are the Reentry MythBusters helpful for?

  • Prison, jail, probation, community corrections, and parole officials – who want to ensure that individuals can access federal benefits, as appropriate, immediately upon release to help stabilize the critical first days and weeks after incarceration. Pre‐release applications and procedures are available for certain federal benefits (Veterans, Social Security, food assistance, and student financial aid).
  • Reentry service providers and faith‐based organizations – who want to know how to access the laws and policies related to public housing, SNAP benefits, federal student financial aid, and Veterans, Social Security, and TANF benefits. The Reentry MythBusters also describe child support options, parental rights while incarcerated, and the appropriate use of criminal histories in hiring decisions.
  • Employers and workforce development specialists – who are interested in the incentives and protections involved in hiring formerly convicted individuals. The Reentry MythBusters are also helpful to employers who want to better understand the appropriate use of a criminal record in making hiring decisions.
  • States and local agencies – that want to understand, modify, or eliminate certain bans on benefits (TANF, SNAP) for people who have been convicted of drug felonies.

Below are links to the Reentry Mythbusters, organized by topic area. Additionally, please click here to download a recording of the Reentry Council’s webinar on the MythBusters and other questions pertaining to federal policies.

Reducing Barriers to Employment
Juveniles and Reentry
Access to Federal Benefits