Victim Engagement


‘You Can’t Do it Alone:’ How an Assault Survivor Navigated from Trauma to Advocacy

By the time Bencomo sat in the courtroom for her case’s sentencing hearing in 2012, her life bore little resemblance to the one she’d led in the months following her assault in 1999. Multiple surgeries over the course of more than a decade had repaired her jaw and mouth enough to bite into solid foods again. She’d stopped carrying around her anti-anxiety medication, had finished her college degree and become a special education teacher, and was actively volunteering in her community.

NRRC Projects

Face to Face Initiative

This initiative challenges elected officials to participate in a public activity through which they can interact with others who formerly or currently have firsthand experience with the criminal justice system.

Key Resources

Financial Support for Victims of Crime: A Quick Guide for Corrections and Community Supervision Officers

This brief outlines the role that corrections, probation, and parole officers can play in informing victims of the supports to which they are entitled and how they can pursue restitution, compensation, or other means of financial support.

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Offender Reentry: The Value of Victim Involvement

This three-hour broadcast from the National Institute of Corrections focuses on the opportunities and challenges related to including victims in the reentry process when people are released from prison. According to the program’s presenters, including victims in the process can help provide more balanced information about the individual returning from incarceration as well as his/her offense history.

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In Brief: Victim Compensation Programs and Restitution

This webpost provides a general description of the types of state-based compensation and restitution programs that exist across the country, and the benefits they offer.

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