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In addition to federal partnerships that fund our work in jurisdictions across the country, the CSG Justice Center often contracts directly with various states, counties, and tribal communities to help analyze and improve elements of their criminal justice systems. Below are several ways our experts can work directly with your state or community:

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Improving Risk and Needs Assessment Accuracy

Risk and needs assessments are fundamental to reducing recidivism, but only when they perform as intended. Our team of experts can help corrections agencies execute the critical tasks of examining their current practices and evaluating the implementation of these assessment tools and the predictive accuracy of their results.

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Justice Program Assessment

State and local governments spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on recidivism-reduction programs for people in the criminal justice system. But these programs are only effective if they target the right people, use practices rooted in the latest research, and are regularly evaluated to ensure quality. Through the Justice Program Assessment, a tailored review conducted by our team of experts, the CSG Justice Center can help agencies answer critical questions and create a roadmap to improving their programs.

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Improving How States Help Victims of Crime

States often struggle to identify and address the full range of crime victims’ needs in a consistent, timely, and compassionate manner. However, states have three primary ways to assist survivors: managing restitution, compensating victims for certain expenses, and funding services through state and federal grants. Experts from the CSG Justice Center can employ a data-intensive approach to help states develop short- and long-term strategies to improve any or all of these mechanisms for assisting victims.

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Improving County Justice and Behavioral Health Systems

The number of people who have mental illnesses in U.S. jails has reached crisis levels, and many have become de facto mental health care facilities. But often, counties struggle to collect adequate data on the number of people who have mental illnesses in their jails or to use it to drive change. Our team uses a unique approach to develop tailored, data-driven plans to help reduce the prevalence of mental illnesses in their jails.

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