Justice Program Assessment

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State and local governments spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on recidivism-reduction programs for people in the criminal justice system. But these programs are only effective if they target the right people, use practices rooted in the latest research, and are regularly evaluated to ensure quality.

How can the CSG Justice Center help?

The Justice Program Assessment (JPA) is a tailored review conducted by experts on our staff to help your agency answer three core questions about its programs:

  • 1. Are the programs targeting people who are most likely to reoffend?
  • 2. Do they incorporate evidence-based practices?
  • 3. How well are they performing?

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Getting Results

The results of the assessment will create a roadmap for your agency to help:

  • Streamline processes;
  • Adjust which people are prioritized for programming;
  • Deliver the most effective programs; and
  • Develop quality improvement processes to keep programs on track.

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Snapshot: JPA in Idaho

In 2015, Idaho Department of Corrections used the JPA to examine the nearly $10 million spent annually on programming to see if changes could be made. Since receiving the JPA results, the department

  • Now offers five core evidence-based programs in all facilities, allowing people to access programs regardless of housing location;
  • Has administered 45 trainings to about 1,000 staff members on evidence-based programs; and
  • According to recent audits conducted by the state, program quality now exceeds national averages.