Online Courses (Learning Management System—LMS)

Coming soon! Corrections analysts will be able to take the Virtual Academy self-guided online courses, accessible from any computer with an internet connection, to expand existing skill sets across a range of relevant topics including the following:

  • The R statistical programming language to perform fundamental data analysis tasks
  • Getting to know your data and data quality
  • Data-driven decision-making for corrections leaders
  • Conducting statistical analysis
  • Calculating population projections
  • Conducting analyses on population demographics

All online courses will be presented in a user-friendly interface and can be completed at users’ own pace. All courses will provide static and interactive components with a range of instructor-guided materials including the following:

  • Video demonstrations
  • Interactive exercises
  • Learning reviews

Additionally, course materials may be downloaded to provide access to all components of the lessons as well as more in-depth information, such as programming code and methodological standards.