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Task Force Identifies Juvenile Justice Policies That Advance Colorado’s Effort to Enhance Public Safety and Improve Youth Outcomes

“Putting children in confinement should be a last resort, not a first option,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “These policy recommendations are data-driven, practical proposals that will improve our state’s juvenile justice system. I commend the task force and urge lawmakers to consider these measures in the next legislative session.”

Twist on Innovative Smartphone App Aims to Help Poor Tulsa County Defendants Make Court Dates

Chief Public Defender Corbin Brewster said Tulsa’s unique spin on the app is to develop an interface that includes a social worker component. “If the client says, ‘Well, I don’t have a ride that day,’ or ‘I’ve got a problem with that,’ then that message comes back into our system,” Brewster said. “And we can individually respond and then come up with individual solutions for whatever the issue is.”