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[Opinion] What I Think about When I Think about Freedom

I imagine the vulnerable strangers who I will meet in church basements. Over the years I have built some powerful relationships with colleagues—writers, editors, producers—but if I don’t prioritize relationships in recovery when I get out, those other relationships won’t matter in the end.

NYC Case a ‘Warning Shot’ in Struggle to End Housing Bias against Ex-Inmates

It took five years of effort in federal court, but my organization, The Fortune Society just won a precedent-setting settlement of a landmark civil rights case that shows how advocacy groups can bring lawsuits against private landlords who impose blanket bans on renting apartments to people with criminal records.

Moving from Prison to a PhD

Nature spoke to three US researchers who went from prison to PhD programs to senior posts in academia, and who now aim to help others to find their academic footing.

Commission Finds 100 Ways to Aid Re-Entry of Ex-Prisoners

A legislatively mandated commission on Tuesday recommended that New Jersey take 100 steps to improve re-entry services for those released from prison, from improving health care and addiction treatment to creating more opportunities for training and employment.

JPMorgan Wants to Hire People with Criminal Backgrounds

“When someone cannot get their foot in the door to compete for a job, it is bad for business and bad for communities that need access to economic opportunity,” said JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon in a press release.

After Prison, More Punishment

Licensing boards in Rhode Island can withhold licenses for crimes committed decades ago, by citing a requirement that people display “good moral character,” without taking into account individual circumstances or efforts toward rehabilitation.