Oneida County Jail Inmates Graduate, Work towards Positive Transition into Community


Dozens of inmates graduated Wednesday from various educational programs at the Oneida County Jail.

The inmates were recognized for working to make a positive transition into the community.

The event was not open to the public, but Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol said the public ultimately benefits from the work from these inmates put into educating themselves.

“They want to do this to do something positive for themselves,” Maciol said. “It makes them feel good when they’re doing something positive. It reduces our rate of disturbances, I guess you could, say within the facility, which in turn … have the less chance of officers getting hurt. So if you look at the big picture, these are all positive things with a positive outcome.”

Maciol went on to say that Oneida County Jail has one of the highest success rates in the state.

Watch the video.