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National Association of Counties: Miami-Dade County Builds Center for Mental Health and Recovery

County officials representing urban counties at the 2019 Large Urban County Caucus Symposium in Miami-Dade County in Florida toured a new facility that will offer a full continuum of care for justice-involved individuals with mental illnesses.

Read More [Opinion]: Prison Crowding: Saving Tax Dollars and Creating a Path to Redemption

Currently, Alabama’s recidivism rate is at 31%, which compares favorably to the national average of 34%. But Alabama can do better — and the central figure to keep in mind is that only 7% of inmates with a marketable job skill commit a second crime.

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Honolulu Civil Beat: Searching for New Ways to Keep Hawaii’s Mentally Ill out of Jails and ERs

Judges, law enforcement officials and health agency representatives filled a room on Wednesday at the Hawaii State Supreme Court for the inaugural Hawaii Summit on Improving the Governmental Response to Community Mental Illness.

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Coalition of Criminal Justice Groups Oppose HUD’s Proposed Change to Disparate Impact Rule

A coalition of criminal justice groups issued a statement today voicing opposition to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) recent proposal to amend its so-called “disparate impact” rule under the Fair Housing Act. The disparate impact rule permitted people to bring legal claims against housing policies and…

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Casper Star Tribune: “Quick Dips” and Other Corrections Programs

About 18 month ago, the state launched its participation in the federal Justice Reinvestment Initiative. This was an ambitious two-year effort with the goal of controlling state spending on corrections and reinvesting the money saved into alternative programs.

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Detroit Free Press: The Question You Shouldn’t See on Most Detroit Rental Applications Anymore

Jessica Hinojosa thinks she could prove that she'd be a trustworthy tenant if a landlord would consider how she's changed since prison. But her rental applications never get that far.

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Indianapolis Star: ‘I Had to Do Better’: How Mentorship Is Reducing Recidivism, Boosting Confidence and Changing the Lives of Indy Youths

There are more than 30 participants in Community Action of Greater Indianapolis’ We CANN program, which works with young men from some of Indianapolis’ highest-crime areas.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer: Understanding the FBI Crime Report

Recently, the FBI released its annual report on crime, which included distressing news: violent crime—while still at levels far below what it was 20 years ago—increased between 2014 and 2015. Whenever elected officials see anything indicating their constituents are less safe, they are understandably and appropriately anxious.

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