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Apply Now: Drug Treatment Courts Program

Apply Now: Drug Treatment Courts Program

The program provides funding for agencies to enhance pre-existing drug courts or implement new drug courts for youth in the juvenile justice system who have substance addictions or co-occurring substance addictions and mental illnesses, including histories of trauma.

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50 State Teams Gather to Develop Plans for Improving Youth Outcomes in Each State Juvenile Justice System

On the heels of new data showing massive reductions in the number of youth incarcerated, legislators, judges, juvenile justice administrators and other representatives from all 50 states will meet Monday to tackle the next big challenge: making sure supervision and services provided in the correctional facilities and in the community reduce the likelihood youth will be rearrested and end up in the adult criminal justice system.

Majority of Texas Middle and High School Students Suspended or Expelled: Repeated Suspensions Predict Later Involvement in Juvenile Justice System

NEW YORK—In an unprecedented study of nearly 1 million Texas public secondary school students followed for more than six years, nearly 60 percent were suspended or expelled, according to a report released today by the Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center in partnership with the Public Policy Research Institute of Texas A&M University.

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Colorado Launches Comprehensive Review of Juvenile Justice System

“Kids don’t belong in prison. We know from the data that when children are incarcerated they usually become repeat offenders,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “This data-driven review will help us provide youths the best chance to successfully transition to a crime-free, productive adulthood.”

Alabama Family Says Juvenile Program ‘Saved Son’s Life’

In the span of a few months, Meleke Burton has gone from being housed in a youth detention facility to planning for the fall semester at Auburn University at Montgomery. And he has already decided to pursue nursing, following in his mother’s footsteps.

Butte County Is a State Leader on Breaking Imprisonment Cycle

Since the inception of the voluntary program three years ago, 83 have graduated and two have since returned to prison.
That is an incredible statistic compared with the most recent state data, which shows a recidivism rate at 46 percent.