‘I Had to Do Better': How Mentorship Is Reducing Recidivism, Boosting Confidence and Changing the Lives of Indy Youths

Indianapolis Star

By Holly V. Hays

D’onte Norris was lost. Dad was out of the picture. Mom was on drugs. Despite being raised by involved grandparents, the 21-year-old still felt incomplete. “Not having both parents is like missing a leg or missing and arm,” Norris told IndyStar, “missing a half of a brain.” Bored with classrooms, Norris dropped out during his senior year at the now-shuttered Broad Ripple High School. He had no sense of direction in his life. He had dreams, but wasn’t sure how to go about achieving them. Thanks to a newfound brotherhood with a dozen or so other young men from similar backgrounds, Norris said he’s starting to see a clearer path toward his future.

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