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Defining Reform in Corrections

While Nebraska has a low violent crime rate, there has been a lot of opportunity to ensure that our prisons and criminal justice system help bring that rate down. Over the past three years, state officials have been working to invest in our criminal justice system. This will help bring down the rate of reoffending and give our corrections officers a better work environment. This work has been a three-branch, bipartisan effort focused on five major areas: sentencing reform, funding operations, building prison capacity, improving facility staffing and expanding programming.

Editorial: ND’s Free Through Recovery Is a Bold Experiment

North Dakota is following a trend among states to invest more on the front end—addiction counseling and other behavioral health services—in order to reduce crime and save money on corrections budgets. A Pew Charitable Trusts study has shown that 30 states have experienced reduced incarceration and crime rates, often resulting from the kind of initiatives that North Dakota is starting.

Peer Support Helps Those in Grip of Addiction

There are many different faces of addiction, which is often coupled with a mental illness. To help people struggling with substance use disorders, treatment providers are increasingly looking to peer specialists to share their unique stories of recovery and, in turn, help others dealing with addiction.

Free Through Recovery

A new statewide program is helping to keep people out of the cold and out of jail.

North Dakota to Launch Recovery Services Program

North Dakota will begin a new program that offers care coordination and recovery services to people who are transitioning out of prison, on probation and parole, and at risk of incarceration.

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