988 social tile
988: A Shared Opportunity

On July 16, 2022, the U.S. transitioned to 988—a 3-digit code for people to reach the National Suicide…

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Advancing Fairness and Transparency: National Guidelines for Post-Conviction Risk and Needs Assessment

The 13 National Guidelines for Post-Conviction Risk and Needs Assessment were developed to fill a critical gap in…

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Breaking the rules
Breaking the Rules: Rethinking Condition Setting and Enforcement in Juvenile Probation

The Breaking the Rules toolkit can help juvenile probation agencies, courts, and their key partners work together to reform their…

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Center for Justice and Mental Health Partnerships

Free training, resources, and support to communities wanting to improve outcomes or enhance current responses for people in…

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Course Corrections

State budgets are facing significant shortfalls as a result of COVID-19, a trend that could continue for the…

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scale with people inside
Courting Judicial Excellence

Juvenile court judges are the most important public figures in the juvenile justice system—their decisions impact whether hundreds…

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COVID-19 Assistance for the Justice Community

The latest COVID-19 developments and resources for governments officials.

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Face to Face

Face to Face creates meaningful interactions between policymakers and people who have firsthand experience with the criminal justice…

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Fair Chance Licensing Project: States Expand Access to In-Demand Jobs

Nearly one in four jobs in the U.S. require a government-issued license. Yet many people with a criminal…

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Improving How States Help Victims of Crime

States often struggle to identify and address the full range of crime victims’ needs in a consistent, timely,…

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Improving Outcomes for Youth

The Improving Outcomes for Youth ("IOYouth") initiative works with state and local jurisdictions to align their policies, practices,…

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Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies

A systems-level approach to improve reentry and employment outcomes for people returning to their communities after incarceration.

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