Corrections agencies are grappling with a unique combination of public safety challenges, including stubborn rates of recidivism and high costs. We work with corrections administrators in all 50 states to help develop comprehensive plans to combat those challenges.
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Nicole Jarrett
Director, Corrections and Reentry
Nicole Jarrett directs the Corrections and Reentry Division at the CSG Justice Center. She previously served as the division's deputy director, guiding the organization's grantee technical assistance, coordinating support to jurisdictions that are developing and implementing diversion, treatment, and reentry
initiatives. Dr. Jarrett previously served as the director of health policy research at the National Medical Association, where she led projects to strengthen the public health safety net and improve the quality of care provided in underserved communities. She also served as the director of community health policy at the Baltimore City Health Department, where she directed the city’s participation in the Community Voices: Healthcare for the Underserved Initiative. She received her BS from Rutgers University, her PhD in health policy and management from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Center of Behavioral Health Services and Criminal Justice Research at Rutgers University.
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    Elizabeth Lyon
    Director, State Initiatives
    Elizabeth K. Lyon oversees the technical support provided to states implementing justice reinvestment legislation. Since joining the CSG Justice Center in 2012, Elizabeth has provided tailored technical assistance to and worked with leaders in eight states to ensure that the
    policies enacted achieve the projected outcomes to reduce spending on corrections and to reinvest in strategies to improve public safety. Previously, Elizabeth was the director of governmental relations for the State Bar of Michigan, where she directed the public policy program that included a large state and federal agenda. She holds a BA from the James Madison College at Michigan State University.
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