Survivors of violent crime endure financial, social, mental, and physical pain and suffering, which greatly reduces quality of life. Our team works collaboratively with jurisdictions to understand the experiences and effects of victimization, increase access to victim services, and improve systemic responses through restitution and victim compensation programs. These efforts help lead to recovery and provide pathways to healing.

Key Staff

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Director, State Initiatives
Grace Beil Call, as director of state initiatives at The Council of State Governments Justice Center, advances policies for a more effective, equitable, and responsive criminal justice system. Her contributions, alongside those of people on the state initiatives team, are
evident in programs like Justice Reinvestment, Justice Counts, and Lantern. Before her role at the CSG Justice Center, she served as a visiting fellow for the Office for Victims of Crime at the U.S. Department of Justice. Grace directed the Victims of Crime Act program for the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy in Washington, showcasing her understanding of victim services and work as a State Administering Agency. Her leadership included directing the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and she began her advocacy as a volunteer at the Rape Recovery Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, more than 25 years ago. Grace holds a BS in gender studies from the University of Utah.
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