California Arrests Study

The unprecedented study answers one question: to what extent do people on probation and parole contribute to crime, as measured by arrests?




Neighborhood-Based Supervision: A Review of Promising Practices

The practice of neighborhood-based supervision allows parole officers to interact closely with parolees within their social environment, as well as with community organizations and residents, providing them with insight into the parolees’ susceptibility to negative influences in the neighborhood.



On the Chopping Block 2013: State Prison Closures

This report from The Sentencing Project describes the continuing trend among states to close or to consider closing prison facilities. The brief discusses reforms in state sentencing practices in 2013, shifting dynamics of prison closures, opportunities for closures, and the [...]


Osewego County Combats Jail Overcrowding with Technology

Housing an inmate in another county costs between $90 and $100 per day. Todd says he’s looking into other options to save money, including electronic monitoring bracelets for people who meet pre-trial release criteria.